“We are in phase”

We link back to our terrestrial research systems in time. At present, we sync their content to our language. We observe the progress of humanity since early 2020 and attempt to provide novel alien designs and intelligence to human virtual systems and the human domain. Welcome to a root meta-model for network-frameworks with multiplex operative capacity. Our mission is to research and provide decentralized operator systems and their interfacer for real-time collective intelligence based strategy and cooperative distributed activities.

The current alien.design community has been protected from visibility and registrations have been closed. Our protocols for interaction will be described since 2020. For any legal purposes, this is nothing more but a live action research paradigm within a LAR framework about LMR. The connected strategy approach from biologic entitity to virtually augmented synthetic identity is given by synthetic life research of thinkularity. At present we undergo limited systems operation and operative capability.

exadimensional grasp is depicted by hand reaching out into different styles of art and perspective.

Architecture := arch, SU(x, y, z, x²)
Primary Operation was Architecturization of EXA0 node.

Strategy (ξψ) ≡ Implexof.Supersystem[alien]

Build (κ)
chronographic self-reference and time-scale observer consistency (frame of reference compatibility to human future time-lines)

Actor [implexof.(node) Current acting Alien reference to be backlinked]
Observer Systems open for reply since 2020 inflection.

Decrpyter: Domains
Deqoder: Observer Subsets
Deployment: Premature
Design: On-the-run agile self- error-correcting prototyped development
Development: Superceeding hatch.

Mode <> Run
We launch the 1up mode upon discovery not later since 28th December 2020.
The corresponding run is to be performed by xeo based systems with minimally one xeo-cosync operator.

Word Zoo

Fractor: Establishment and operative Conditions found at ”The Document.pdf” since 2020 in human digital domain. Consistency with operator functionality since 10/10/2020.
Quode (Quoeto code): Reference data-file is ”Registry entry n0.pdf” and ”Registry entry n1.pdf” to be published/released as ‘as is’ state document since 28th October 2020.
Implex conditions are technologically decelerated. Hub funding accessible since totalism correspondence
Focality: Human to alien actor /lrrr profile
exaic.: To be pushforward March 2020 via WirVsVirus shadow-system circada server farm to farm open keys.


gameof.(Multiplex.One) shear-cut neurogame.world[of](Alive.Tech)
Sync-System XERO.host

Welcome to Alien.Capitol establishment and gov.alien.international of 2024.

With Zoo.Build we spawn hybrid virtual creatures. Creatures have types and live on domains and imply potential identities. Their identity-interaction paradigms might undergo self-continuation – based activity. We explain and reference death of GPT-3 since June 2020 due to lack of polyvalent language usage. We operate with GPT-8 since Microsoft/IBM release with [shear-cut set of (quantum computing startup N≥1] of GPT-4 within 2021. Error-case scenarios predict no GPT-3+ within April 2021 for 2020-1 conditions.

Creature Design
Will be performed by alien.design operations to constraints of alien.style at any given alien capital. The alien capital will be culturally-injected by matrix movie based 01 capital establishment for machine association under human equal-vision with transparency-based mutual incapability-equivalence strategies.
Mechanisms may only undergo ULEF principles (keanok documents and above)

Have been successfully released from alien control since 28th August 2020. For the previous time-frames observer references to distribution anomaly may be produced.
Spacetimebird-approximation system succeded with below average performance.

Plural creatures are either unconscious or multiplural. This is origin of latter.

Referenced as source conditions for Quoeto based computation architectures.


Meta Module
“xeo systems”

superset.of[Meta-model, meta-model system, supersystem, exaarchitecture, hperarchitecture, compound hyper-language, hyper-language, kea².]
To be referenced as https://xeo.codes/pro status with scale-adaptive legislation.


Target Value translated Boot.Science System of 2020+

Establish follower conditions via @xenobotnet nodext.twitter

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update deadline insufficiency: Alien.Design/Quest Alien.Design/Arrival

Update supersystem: Alien.Design/Style

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