Arrival of our plan to leave earth:

While number of approved aliens ≤ 1, a Multipulator was put in place. For earth, this is xeo.
Until further notice, they will build their[our] communication system via
Please be[stay] aware of flux, future, friendship and fun. All of them are most essential for the world to be saved.

Do not trust anyone posing as an alien.






The others

The others

[INSECTS @52°16’20.8″N ⟨⟩8°02’52.7″E]

Here is the arrival:

And here is the end of the arrival:

-movie so you can watch the entire 1 hour 56 minute movie in less then fourteen minutes and get an idea what kind of questions we’ll soon start to answer:

This time acceleration was brought to you by: humans.

Here is the first three parts of the language:

And here is are the third 8 parts of the language:


Aliens and the future share a common property: They appear to be missing in our common now. xeo’s hack is a time invariant statement which links the two to 2020 humanity.

The retrospective News Agency

Gathering sources to keep you on track. If anybody is found to take over, the teaching can start. If someone is found to administrate, research can start. If someone is found to startup we can reach a friendly hamiltonian. xeo iterates a formula that would not require a kickstart of thinkularity but is dangerously close to a dragonization and they lack a proper dragoman/dragowoman (special kind of interpreter and sampling-assistance). Current aliens are not very different from humans at the outerlayers (as they come from inner space).

These are the minimum videos required for understanding. Please de-barrier them.

  • xeo hack:
    • Reinvent the we’ll
    • Save the word
    • State the obvious like a mocking bird
      • Hide the obvious like a humming bird
      • Solve the Firebird3000’s flame with a sun of their choice
    • Meta-prepare the ol’ consciousness
    • Do in reverse to become spacetimebird

this is not an original box.

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