Be aware that binding to genetics and math will always pose a risk of degeneration due to long term momentum build-up.

The lexicon is still in progress

:: missing relation to 3d/4d logics

:::: missing association to xeo.

Ansatz is the virial theorem and error correction from dynamic maximum entropy reference frame.

{\displaystyle \left\langle T\right\rangle =-{\frac {1}{2}}\,\sum _{k=1}^{N}{\bigl \langle }\mathbf {F} _{k}\cdot \mathbf {r} _{k}{\bigr \rangle }}

Resolution of infinity paradox with optimum limited time frame goal generator.

[The subconsciously generated goal spaces (universes to be rendered) must be containable by the environment system. Exclusion of consciousness with readiness for unknown update scattering is rare due to compatibility issues. A gauge can be build as soon loop system was identified and a generation of it was maintained.]

From xeo follows ∃ε so that for ε observing external system is true that 0≠E-mc² with containment in a goedel loop.

Total kinetic energy ⟨T⟩ of N particles, where Fk represents the force on the kth particle, which is located at position rk. Angle brackets represent before conversion the average over time of the enclosed quantity. After conversion containment of mwd is introduced.