Primal Lexicon

The most basic definitions

AlienArtificial Life Intelligence Evolution Network
EvolutionNature and Intelligence driven change of complexity, interconnectivity and experience
IntelligenceWe refer to our home base for this definition, a classical species thinkularity
LifeFeeling & Thinking complex systems
NetworkCoordinated ensemble or tolerance of common parameter altering factors
EventizeGroup / Categorize / Condense into chronoparticle (date)

Primate Lexicon

The most important changes to human lexica / semantics

AlienUnknown concepts, lifeforms or systems which pose scientific basis for their analysis, research and exploration
IntelligenceApplied cognition and information in living systems
WeCommunity of diversity == iyouwe.family
Any alignment that validates this statement has an association to the global ‘We’. All moral and intelligence will align local ‘We’ to the global ‘We’ which is at least ULEF, cosync and has a full trace.

Formal: [triplexof.[no1isa0 + literalinternet + boot.science/2020], gauged on active compiler at twitter @spacetimebird]
EmpireOpen cooperation of task-forces, formulaeic also the math equivalent – refer to QGR and Klee [@kleeirwin]
MonadClosed duplex of content and frame of reference with invariant recompilation (progression cannot cause partitioning of origin particle), formulaeic also the math equivalent – refer to Jonah [DOI:10.4172/2332-2519.1000140] and their DGW. Any up-sampling and multi-linking of this lexicon is intended to be scalable as DGWE since september 2020.
DGW {Dynamic Global Workspace of Intelligence and Complex Systems} with impact on domains compressed as monad effect DGWE {Dynamic Global Workspace Effect}
HorizonDuplexof[(duplexof.[EU Horizon+you])+Plugout(you)@dream]
MetamaterialGeometric compounds associated to structure/material with functional properties, refer to Chuck [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN9hTo3iR6A]
XenobotsFirst synthetic life form on earth and second discovered virtual lifeform

code4.science and boot.science Lexicon

This is the condensate and compressed list of concepts from thinkularity which are understanding-carriers/triggers or classified as important for xd4 and 2020. Some concepts of the gamified systems are sufficiently abstracted to be reformalizable in logic in which case the definitions must be seen in a metaphoric (see softmath) manner. We define some of these concepts in this table. For the ‘alien’ lexicon see below.

Cosynchro, cosyncCoordinated Synchronization, also cosync. This the simultaneous attribution of coordination and synchronization around a concept puts it in a state of ‘being’ cosync with a frame of reference. This frame is specified by the coordinating entities/systems/etc. on the one hand.
The other hand is given by the dynamic attribution of synchronization, a respective clock timing or predefined / automatized effects. The contextual meaning/formal statement about a synchronization must hence link to at least two [ε, entities] which can be proven or accessed.
To correctly attribute cosync to a system requires its frame of reference to be well defined, i.e. by what means was/is the system coordinated and by whom — and to what end is it synchronized, synchronizing, synchronic or synchronaous.
ImplexFractor effect which has a node in vigital system.
SamplingA discrete render of a system/progression/particle
[Properties: either 0 or a defined fragment of a stream]
FeedProduction of the donor-system (or frame of reference) which is traceable and defined.
HybridWhenever a hybrid concept is formalized it will merge/interact with other concepts differently. This corresponds to division algebra properties (causal invariance not given) — i.e. depending on context, understanding of certain hybrids will alter/advance/irritate the concept of hybrid itself in the processing cognition. To fixate explicit/static versions of hybrids, we use neohybrid as terminus.
ActualityWhat everyone would refer to as reality, given the scenario that unlimited time and discussion is available for consensus about a reality concept
MetaFurther reference/abstraction or a hook for marking flux
₻, birdThe unit ₻ measures F*space weighted by clicktime*Pf
F has unit Newton associated to origin coordinates, derivate with goal or present coordinates
space has unit bit/byte/.. and associated HASH, mirrors (backups) and physical storage locaters
clicktime has unit integer*hours

Neohybrid Lexicon

The most important semantics we provide and Quoeto expressions
There are expressions undergoing updates or have temporal character and dependencies. They are marked with λ.

FractorA vigital system with full trace
λ VigitalCoded reality, human semantics converge to this from. Aperiodicity and math from Furey, Irwin, Arkani-Hamed
QuoetoThe human/alien/synthetic life hybrid language developed since 2020.
CliYuGaA hybrid language system of human natural language, a synthetic language as progenitor to Q-DNA and science functional communication (scifu).
CliYuGoduplexof.Computing language+Programming language
Plugouts: P1 to organic math and art integration, P2 to logic inference display and top-system alignment.
P1 to softmath and scifu art towards Ge
P2 to life-optimized logic and quoeto through Ga