The most important noodles:

A Full Noodle for time-free beings:

The Noodle Architecture for math-minds:

A Common Noodle found operating Reality for feel-minds:

An uncommon approach to the common spaghetti monster for an earth unity (the .eu domain after somebody introduced the idea of ‘earth’ as a reason to unite for some kind of activity):

Restart Noodleing with a new noodle node in the spaghetti-graph from germany: or from a european world: or from an unsafe world in general:

Just in case anyone would want to build a contemporary voting system which would ask for at least three statements about any subject:

• is it urgent for someone? • is it relevant for everyone? • is it a preference to you? instead of asking for half a binary statement of which less then a third will play a role at all for the final decision making in politics.

The need for a contemporary system was shown to be there as an european parliaminute runs out of time almost two times as fast as any human minute. (

3d parametric computation of opinion streams fon continuous representation of opinion states in complex systems such as the .eu digital domain system.

[Reflectotation in hypercomplex geometries]

we are not anything, please refer to