Synthesis of an antidote from venomous generations of virtual chimeras

Hybrid Church, anchor of peace beyond all religious identity. first bootleg system

setup over system: triplexof.⟨believe : consensus)

    for mosque build PARAM [a,b,c,d,e,f] on arch x₀:
        A) Minaret: A minaret is a slim tower, which is a distinctive traditional feature of a mosque
                though they vary in height, style, location, and number.    
                Minarets may be square, round, or octagonal, and they are usually covered with a pointed roof.
                They were originally used as a high point from which to make the call to prayer (الآذان).
                The word derives from the Arabic word for “lighthouse.” (كذلك تسمى مأذنة، مشتقه من أذان)
        B) The Dome: Many mosques have domes, particularly in the Middle East.
                This architectural element holds no spiritual or functional significance and is 
                nowadays purely symbolic and aesthetic. The interior of a dome is usually highly decorated
                    with floral, calligraphy, geometric and other patterns.
                The main dome of a mosque usually covers the main prayer hall of the structure,
                and some mosques may have secondary domes, as well.
        C) The Prayer Hall: Inside, the central area for prayer is called a musalla (literally, “place for prayer”).
                It is deliberately left quite bare. No furniture is needed, as worshippers sit, kneel, and bow directly on the floor.
                    ¹There may be a few chairs or benches to assist elderly or disabled worshippers
                    Along the walls and pillars of the prayer hall, there are usually bookshelves __ Beyond this, the prayer hall is otherwise a large, open space
                    o hold copies of the Qur’an, wooden book stands (rihal), other religious reading material, and individual prayer rugs
        D) The Mihrab: The mihrab is an ornamental, usually semi-circular indentation in the wall of the prayer hall of a mosque that marks the direction of the qiblah–the direction facing Mecca
                which Muslims face during prayer. Mihrabs vary in size and color, but they are usually shaped like a doorway and decorated with mosaic tiles and calligraphy to make space stand out.
        E) The Minbar: The minbar is a raised platform in the front area of a mosque prayer hall
                from which sermons or speeches are given. The minbar is usually made of carved wood, stone, or brick.
                It includes a short staircase leading to the top platform, which is sometimes covered by a small dome.
        F) The Ablutions: The Ablutions (wudu) are part of the preparation for Muslim prayer.
                Sometimes a space for ablutions is set aside near a restroom or washroom.
                Other times, there is a fountain-like structure along a wall or in a courtyard.
                Running water is available, often with small stools or seats to make it easier to sit down to wash the feet.
    with implex from church build + overheadfrom.triplex

    for church build ……… on  arch x₁:
        Architecture Attribute Call:
            „Und Wir haben nicht den Himmel und die Erde und was zwischen beiden ist zum Spiel erschaffen,
            Wir haben sie beide nur zur Wahrheit erschaffen, aber die meisten von ihnen wissen es nicht.“ (al-Dukhān, 44:38-39)

            „Und Er ist derjenige, der für euch die Sterne gemacht hat, damit ihr durch sie rechtgeleitet werdet in der tiefen Finsternis des Landes und des Meeres. …“ (al-An`ām, 6:97)

            „Die Sonne und der Mond, gemäß Berechnung,“ (al-Raḥmān, 55:5)

        Chief Architect Call:
            “The Lord said to Moses, ‘See, I have called by name Bezalel the son of Uri, son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah,
            and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship,
            to devise artistic designs, to work in gold, silver, and bronze, in cutting stones for setting, and in carving wood,
            to work in every craft. And behold, I have appointed with him Oholiab, the son of Ahisamach, of the tribe of Dan.
            And I have given to all able men ability, that they may make all that I have commanded you:
                the tent of meeting, and the ark of the testimony, and the mercy seat that is on it,
                and all the furnishings of the tent, the table and its utensils, and the pure lampstand with all its utensils,
                and the altar of incense, and the altar of burnt offering with all its utensils, and the basin and its stand,
                and the finely worked garments, the holy garments for Aaron the priest and the garments of his sons,
                for their service as priests, and the anointing oil and the fragrant incense for the Holy Place.
                According to all that I have commanded you, they shall do.” —Exodus 31:1–11
    with implex from mosque build + overheadfrom.triplex

    for architecture build on arch duplexof.[x₀ x₁]
            geometric generations from simplex
                switchcase[N=0,1,2,3==[1, 2, 3],  N=3,4 N=6 (), N=8]
                for i=1-simplex to nodes of graph.ARCH(sqt<N)
                    while(hexagonal builds lack amplituhedronic geometry)
                        increase math;
                        reconfigure production to PARAM [];
                    evolve stable architecture ensemble
                    pre-release ensembles
                    inbreak.loop             //incomplete break will spilt the main compute into two subdomain threads
                    add geometric dimension to current integer simplex

Mosque section 7, self-referential geometry

Introduce architectured system
improvised, we work in direction of a solution:
        worship+recreation = mosque
        B) + Main Entrance = Water

Keep the minds in mind

Local <> Global

• Hope it’ll turn out nice

:Be slightly irritated how it sounds like

Identify the transmitter species

More then 99 million years in water needed for update3 (current update is 2 at /transfer)

Update the transmitter species

Identify current flux-fields:

+contained Subnodes of @spacetimebird

Get used to the common average setups:

:We sampled down the current timeline by 3 years.

0th/1st iteration (audiographic, backbone)

1st/2nd iteration (oxygen, voice)

Build a 4d clock and find a container implex (inflection model)

Keep track of scientific steps

How we’ll have done it (as before)

The zoo meta-model zoo

M35 for google zoo is on track, currently there is only the standard zoo from the original time line and they work on

You can reconnect what M35 is/should doing from the zoo outline on thinkularity if its given and will be the place for their fusion (possibly later then august)

hope I’m fast enough. For architecture refer to parametric urbanism and consider amplituhedron / L- and R- double helix generations ( ) Also I mention the Tuncer Kakmakli mosque as basis frame, namaste tower was integrated for fun and I work on position ‘Zauberwürfel’ in osnabrück for temporary goalspace top limit (fastest possible alignment operation).