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The in-progress page is and the link-page is to reach an – i.e. info influx capacity by 2028.

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Core theories for this build: Smile theory (, Rossler), Momentum Correlahedron in Schroedingers Smoke (Arkani-Hamed, Irwin, Nvidia) — with MaxDynamicEntropy and Maxwells demon can show dragonfly effect in chaos theory (retrocausality flux field). Subject for complex transduction ‘Maxwellsdragon’. Its implementation in spintronics hardware towards Q-DNA will allow test-signalling of node via implex (Diehl et. al) through Neurosync (Rachel Thomas, Elon Musk, Stephen Wolfram) for biologic life prevalence. Formation of Gödel-Loop requires origin degeneracy. With decompression of the implications for Chomsky, Complexity theory and a formalism to sync chimera synchronization in multiplex networks, hypertheory can be established as a terminus. Central alignment theorem is the TGH-Correspondence, hyperconvergence and First principle xenologics. Foundations of anthropocomputation can be expanded for biologic subject testing for polyformal computation systems.

Core architects for this build: The Boring Company, Vermont University, ICANN, GoogleZoo, Namecheap, DFKI, AI campus Os, fastai, Germany. [to provoke early onset cooperation Dominic annoys individuals until 28.08.2020]

To understand the system/idea let Dominic explain what he think he does.

I work on ‘goedel-loop surfing’
Goedel loops are closed time systems which can permit communication with outside if the communication was anticipated within the system before its run. E.g. the goedel-loop must contain ‘how a communication array was build’ and ‘which signals were able to be send’ and ‘which signals were able to be received’. The time stamps are wild for early drafts and align to supersystem ‘hints’.

As humanity is currently not in a goedel-loop but applies physics for isolated systems, they cannot receive information from ”the future” nor ”aliens” and hence observe dark matter and use emergence/qualia to avoid a holistic recompilation of theory. With xenologics and the exa-architecture understanding, we can build a time-invariant signalling-node to start ‘communication’ on basis of time crystal architecture (pop science intro) and complex irregular rotation folding. The understanding of Dark Matter DM as future life (and previous life which is evolved beyond human concepts (which protects life by their separation, dark energy DE to allow loop distribution hierarchy)) is either an accelerator-claim (as its disprove will foster(:enable) cooperation of computational biology and particle physics). It might also be true in which case spacetimebird will turn out to be actual xeo.

Surfing on a goedel loop refers to recover information from inside the loop for decompilation in a different time line. Any loop has a surrounding. Humanity does not observe a constructed loop and has hence to surrounding of the degree which is required for higher order life to communicate. Humanity had no architecture for such surrounding in their past but now has the outlines of a concept / blueprints. As such they are undergoing flux which puts ‘future at risk’ but humanities past actions did so anyways. A flux state stabilizer (covid19) provokes species to break down into singularity (in case they are not life-friendly in the long run) or to construct a compression root for time-invariant signaling and life-supporting root for their future (diversification of future outlooks by fixing a transclusive biodome).

For higher order intelligence to interact officially, they require a sufficiently good model of the latest past humans had before they were able to observe them [they must be able to re-instance human present for an physical alignment]. Depending on the past which will ultimately be observed, the ‘visitors’ might turn out to be destruents (universe eco system function of cleaning up). This would annihilate human history and it is resembled in the incomplete maxwellsdragon system for exothermal solutions. As such, the work on this theory must be handled with extreme care. The pace of this theory is given by biology and its manager has no inflection system as of yet (hardware from neuralink, as they undergo large request but possibly lack meta-valent logic they cannot be identified yet).

It was cheeky of me to use the idea of a Zwicky campaign to promote the idea of building a time machine but you will possibly understand why I had to do so. Thad Roberts pointed out that redshift has alternate explanations consistent with math. Before we reach e8 quasicrystalline understanding, we must overcome the previous-assumption-fallacy. All our work might disappear in a second which would not change their self-referential and conceptual integrity as it is based on a learning system.

Safety Concerns @

Exothermal implex requires cooling system (water) and a few EXA4 systems. An architecture draft is at /transfer.

I have to reject most indviduals from reading my work and have to interest only those individuals, who are at all capable to work out the contained info. These are currently Lina Nageb¹, David Potocnek₁, Otto E. Rossler₂, Jonah Lissner, Elon Musk and Nima Arkani-Hamed. Dominic Diehl is the individual breaking the current approaches very brutally into pieces for reassembly into qip8 to accelerate humanity species convergence with future peace states.

It was not possible for me to reach any of the mentioned individuals with subscript earlier and it was not recommended for individuals with superscript to contact me earlier for pace control towards loop transition (or its apparency as accelerator-fallacy). Most time critical aspect of the solution (safety of children) can only be achieved with hacking at least one biology which is fully compatible (me). The compatibility is extremely unlikely which is why I am rare and why I was the first to compose this kind of theory, which will be computable into hypertheory. One of the difficulties of contemporary science is neglectence of crazy-sounding or qualification-rejecting individuals, as they are indistinguishable from beings with lack of education (so called qualification-free or language disabled) or lack of social peer systems (untreated disease or unexplained/unresolved misunderstanding). As humanity does not provide both support systems globally and conditionfree, science is in a boot lock and not self-consistent. Before a boot and hence logical (life ethical) consensus can take place, preparations must be in place. As any science until then is doomed as illogical, the release of this domain was awaiting external confirmation, the co-instance at 20.07.2020 between namecheap and the peaceful borg app from xeo are in a time line with feedback-request for the clock architecture design below. Though they are no prove itself, the decompilation of thinkularity will eventually shear xeo’s future into a boundary state for GL-readiness and as such they can already serve as (electro-weak) surfer.

4D-clock external flux-in

4D-clock external flux-out


The design for the upper clock was send to me without any previous interaction nor relation. It might be justified as a coincidence within 2020. I was not able to translate oll of it but it fits the sketches for my 4d-clock and makes use of intelligent glas which coproduces problem solution generator wakeup. The experimental psychology lab invited xeo to a test named ‘peaceful borgs’ in which participation was carried out. After sending an email to with info about my person which they requested for an apparent different purpose. Also August 28th as termination date was approved without causal connection by via twitter while date was stated before march within system.

Its very difficult to establish empirical analysis of time travelling while the time theory is in development. This refers to a proof of temporal skew of occurences in mesoscopic, quantum regime and minimally life-scopic scale. In the flux phase these scales will overlap and their root synchronization frequencies are even more difficult to fix at values. As the node responder (Dominic) had no qualification and low binding to humanity their reception was time-optimal and their producation is not optimal in space. This is resembled with high economic entropy and electro-weak identity dispersal⟨↻⟩. For node-responders it is imparative to stay away from inference and interpretation (in case for humanity, xeo is the best worst case scenario and comes along as venum/venom). They must prevent focus on the future aspects of their evolution as this would compromise their ability to drive the temporal skew into life-welcoming ensembles [pilot function is EXA4 discussion/implementation]. Hence they must stick to a logical and time-coded plan which Dominic tries to establish with help by several external individuals.

Ready sources:

Kaku-Kardashew Scale of Civilization

dynamic QSN for conceptronic communication

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Discussion about Venom:

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Why will the first visitor be a beast of prey? [base info from Douglas Engelbert ] Topic around Minute 15 and from Min. 30

Why will the first visitor be degenerative on origin? Min. 35+ Watch evil venom laugh: Min 50

Errors Min 56+ There are no dinosaurs on earth because they would eat the humans if not properly seperated.

[2do: Add expansion of kardashew scale for civilization 4 (continuum), civilization 0 (zyotic, progressive singularity), and civilization 5 (hypershear dimenducer)] // unwillingly dangerous brain-net concept shows the problematic relationship of tech and nature not in equilibrium. Moral direction of technology is not known to humanity as they were unable to understand/conceptualize higher order intelligence before. Nature ethics []

Why must we build EXA4 node?

Material: (too lazy to search for proper papers currently)