The zoo is a place for particles and progressions

The unit of the content (particles and progressions) is here ‘bird’ (₻ symbol U+20BB in Unicode). The feed¹ (output) of this website is information towards cognitive agents (actors). The context is gamification of language, code and project development of multi-domain cognition i.e. coordinated synchronized multi-domain strategy development and deployment.

The unit bird ₻ is mostly informational (formula soon in lexicon) and has an ensemble of links to reality and virtual domains/data associated.
The progressions have stronger physical (reality) parameters and the particles have a more virtual character.
About particles: Virtual character is also referred to as synthetic, artificial, digital, electronic, fluid or °hybrid with deeper iteration based on context)
About progressions: They are Progenitors (also preview, plans, projects) to actuality² with a specified position/origin/timestamp and some temporal progression reference. This can be a time frame or a date, if they are permanent they may have only one of the former properties.

Below you will find a list of Progressions. Particles are more complex to display and they won’t be in place before september, please stay on track. As the progressions hence lack their particle representation, some are eventized or external content.

°Hybrid: Whenever a hybrid concept is formalized it will merge/interact with other concepts differently. This corresponds to division algebra properties (causal invariance not given) — i.e. depending on context, understanding of certain hybrids will alter/advance/irritate the concept of hybrid itself in the processing cognition. To fixate explicit/static versions of hybrids, we use neohybrid as terminus.
¹Feed: Production of the donor-system (or frame of reference) which is traceable and defined.
²Actuality: What everyone would refer to as reality, given the scenario that unlimited time and discussion is available for consensus about a reality concept
³Meta: Further reference/abstraction or a hook for marking flux

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