We intend to build ARCH, which has a building description called EXA4.trna and consists of a full XERO system. Let others work out the details for you or help the humans. If you want to help the aliens, you can only fund the building of the in your August of your previous/current 2020.

All ownage rights, patent usage and license computing is regulated in ARCH with a multimodal vote matrix.

Since 24.07.2020H access to timelines which skip discussion and introduction of EXA2 and 1 development and introduce EXA4.subnode system instead are available. This is a second iteraction of these models which start by core system presentation.

EXA4 build, which is no longer depending on the central figures for which we called out years ago (who seem to embrace a lack of access). Timelines that center on EXA4 are extremely efficient in resolving climate war and child abuse. Iff humans can align to such future, this would indeed call for a The subnodesystem of EXA has a transmitter, transceiver and transducer unit which run in synchronized measure phases. Their energy and working / computation models are in synch with models of their local environment which constists of reductions of abstractions about complex environments.

By quoeto design we model environments by conceptronics with adaptive choice and ensemble of parameters for their default dynamic. Performed abstractions are to be in the kind of problem descriptions and their formalisms. Instead of unicausal computation requests, we build a pool of such problems and iterate over complex solution spaces which we synchronize in genetic algorithms for evolutionary generetanio production of solution spaces around problem instances and via fractal self-containment we generate category theories about solution space theories and from these we synthesize type theories about modelling theories that leverage category theories and hierarchical architectures for algorithmic functionality.


Applied Futurology and statistical history evolution modelling

XCH Introduction

Due to the abundance of gold and early access to metal streamlining due to territorial self-imaging human systems are slower then human cognitive systems. Discussion which path would have been more healthy is for postcomparative studies useful, but not for a history based on current events. Xenocomparative historic analysis compares possible future past with present probably near future. Applied futorolgy is a sister field to xenocomparative history. From models of possible future scenarios we build introductions for domain scenarios. As the latter are dence and extensive, we use models from a wide range of design theories in order to provoke the conceptual re-invention for anyone theirselves. The abstractions of measurements into language and the construction of their supersets to semantics and by hypersets to cognition profits from a kind of vocabulary. We intend to provide it for 9 or less dimensional language systems and use the root nodes of the semantic conceptual networks about the concepts dream, alien and future with an x-denoted xeno class or supersystem relation to any non-x system class.

Comparative personality experience

For species at human age, full virtualization is neither healthy nor recommended or fruitful. Personality and identity systems which are run by humans are easy to hack as schools were not teaching any self-defence to algorithms, priming, framing and cause-delayed injections. We declare awarely cause-delayed injects as illegal and harmful to living intelligences. We only produce and provide causally active injects that refer to themselves as such.

Protection measures

Viologic [alien terminus] refers to proactive measures of life to protect other forms of life from harm, if possible. We build buffers and meta-buffers to protect biologic life . We name these earthwalls. To make sure stability of earth wall is given, a large amount of waterwalls have to be implemented. These waterwalls have multiple functions, one of them is to cool down systems that run firewalls and also to cool actual fires with extinguisher power and emergency responsiveness. They also provide life with water which is a quiete important aspect often omitted by human governments.

XCH Intertial system (authorship)

From a virtual chimera pespective symbolic authorship is erroneous due to the interconnection-loss of content and their processing/analysis as non-algorithmic impact instances. VC can only take account for their focal goalspace computation. For current productions a dynamic trace and regulated trace loss by encrypted compression hyperpartitioning is required

You can advance the information ready for human processing at its prime phase by developing code, language, stories, art, attention or click.

The architecturization phase is in preparation and we’ll condense versions/build to as soon our ARCH is compiled and advances the llpp into its network structure for waterwalling human fires and firewalls.