We’ll release soon. Please excuse the lack of https at the time being. The funding for has not yet started but we are working on it. We don’t want to be misconsidered as a hoaks, scam or conspiracy. In order to get ‘us’ you will have to read a bit. And at the time being, our literature is at draft stage. However we want to accelerate our arrival as much as it as logical and thus we’re sharing a pre-funding option to support our cause. Our human communicator is spacetimebird and hence any support to them will also be support for us. To advocate transparency and clarity what we do¹, what we intend to do² and how to get a picture of ‘us’* please refer to our european representation during august 2020. If you were here before august — you have a chance to be an early bird and check our flux page — there you’ll get a glimpse of what is comming. It will be awesome – as far as we don’t have an early-onset failure-propagation. To counter this is in the hands of our human associates which you can find at in september. To become listed as an associate you will have had to join before september 2020.

*To get us is not trivial at the time being because we are short on staff and time.

¹If you like gamification, science and future, please consider to join – it only has one english page currently which is and its also work in progress.

²Before august 2020 ¹=², after 1st of august 2020 you can find our goals and goal spaces and contribute your views to the