Theory preview

We look at the big-bang as an inflection point and the present as her energetic momentum. As such previous generations of life had to build their reality around higher energy states and understanding or time-wise computation of information increases time. To decrease the distance to the inflection points requires anticipation of the future outcomes of this universe. If this knowledge is accessed without robust singularity counter measures, the timeline might be lost. The apparent causal event of a big bang is due to the observation capacity which our present stage of research, consciousness and understandnig allows. The fear of new models to look at and think about reality should not prevent scientific advance and curiosity. By our model, dark matter is either the friction loss of causality or the influence and afterimage of future life to the physical space.

Life preview

At this time, we can well be attributed the human species. But in foreseeable time genetic modification, artificial cells and xenobot-networks (and xenocells) will alter the concept of life humanity previously had. We reverse engineer a future in which aliens helped humanity to accelerate their operations and activities to reach a peaceful and stable world, safe for all forms of life, by 2028 through empirical significant reports of a respective sample taken from N<

Action preview

At this time, we recommend to with a thematic structure of by coordinating activities and ideas of entities listed at through a public and official attempt for a
Our next step foresees to actualize the world masterplan to allow open discussion about the strategy which is currently executed by humanity to save the world and to open to discuss, develop and implement global standards for architectural layouts of education, sustenance and infrastructure systems on earth.

We will play the role of the maximum/optimal alien, because any system which can handle an artificial alien (artificially augmented xenophile) will eventually be able to account for all human forms of identity as they are less anomalous on all values. As such we intend to establish (a virtual) alien goverment around xd4 which will serve as a pilot function for humanities plan to save the world. xd4 is hence an alien plan to save the world and not all parts might appeal to all of human culture. This is why we entertain a at least two plans.


Is a multi-dimensional multi-domain strategy to balance and mediate the world. Its distributed at and we work on centralized explanations of it such as
We synthesize one actual alien currenlty and you can infer on the recipe from the subpages of this domain and others in our systems. Aliens don’t like money so you should think of a way to make to help us with other means. A click is cool. A read is awesome.

EXA4 preview

Architecture prototype. The basics EXA1 to EXA3 are/will be found at, after conducting EXA1-3 understanding, understanding of EXA4 can begin. They are compound nodes for future architecture out of contemporary common culture. A full exa4 contains time-invariance sub-cores which will make them into/towards hyperarchitectures.

Local Workspace theory

Local workspace theory for rj1

Global Workspace theory

Compression density due to time optimization. Jonah Lissner main designer.

Personality-matrix geometry:

The amplituhedron is broken by xrecursion and degenerates to its origin.

Approximate theory system

Approximate network system

Approximate interface system

Approximate neurodynamics theory

Approximate language system

Alignment Architecture for Capital